Welcome to Powerline Electronics Bulgaria

  We are company for electronics from Burgas, Bulgaria. Originally as a service for computers and electronics, distribution and development of special electronics. Subsequently, one of the leading import of computers by 1997 USA. Now our efforts exclusively in the field of electronics. And since 1998 we produce metal detectors, handmade electronics and PCB . Over the years, experimenting with many amateur and factory schemes metal detectors - the end result are 6 models stable and deep working metal detectors. Now sell only have 3 models - impossible for us to keep up with all orders. Details of the detectors can be read here or see our store.
  I want a few words to introduce you to our handmade detectors.
 We use only high quality electronic components from leading companies in the production of components.
 We use only high-quality boxes and epoxy resins.
 Еach detector is subjected to three independent tests - two indoor and one room on the ground of a polygon.
 We have personal attention to each client - if you have any questions do not hesitate to write .
 Can decide how to pay and the method of delivery .
 Possible equipment supplied at your request, various inscriptions and other electronics of your choice.